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Thoughts on the Indie Publishing world, the ins and outs of editing, and book reviews with an emphasis on craft.

Finalizing my new book

Hello, it’s fall in New England, or will be soon. For the last twenty years September has been part of summer – just as hot. The last two weeks have been cool, crisp, and dry, the way September was before climate change really kicked in. That’s got nothing to do with anything, except that itContinue reading “Finalizing my new book”

Working on the Glossary

The point of this website is to help the first time author. There is so much white noise out there in the indie publishing world. Everyone has a strong opinion, and isn’t afraid to share it. I do to, of course. I believe strongly that a first time author should be focusing entirely on gettingContinue reading “Working on the Glossary”

Working on Vacation

I’m at an AirBnb with extended family for a few days. As usual, I’m always the first one awake, which is something that I love. I’m almost done with the first draft of my craft book! Should finish up next week. I’m also working on the second draft of my next novel. The sun isContinue reading “Working on Vacation”

Craft Book Review: The Secrets of Story by Matt Bird

Two big thumbs up for this one. His tidbits on character alone are worth the price of admission. His understanding, and explanation, of how and why readers connect to characters is slightly different than you may have heard before. He also has great tips for plotting, dialogue, etd. I highly recommend! Link here.


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